Tricks or Treats?

Facing the problem of Tricks or Treats in dealing your clients’ products/services? Unable to match your principles with their practices? A small tip for you to overcome this barrier and still work with them. Continue reading Tricks or Treats?


How Gym Members take ownership of​ “New Avatar” ??


FITNESS POINT is an illustrious gym in Ahmedabad with its branches spread in posh locations of the city. They believe in holistic health improvement of the clients through responsible gymming that results in a healthy reduction of weight as well maintenance of required energy in the body. Their aim is to upgrade constantly through real-time feedback from clients.


Fitness Point was planning to conduct an interactive event to collect feedback from the clients regarding their services and infrastructure which could help them improve and upgrade in these vital aspects.


We brainstormed on the overall brand reputation and its target audience and came up with three ideas viz:

  1. to go along with the relevant topic of Gujarat Election i.e. ‘VIKAS’
  2. to work on the campaign of ‘Initiate, Involve & Improve.’
  3. to develop the idea of ‘Your wish, Our command.’

We voted for the 3rd option as it seemed more viable and effective having the potential to connect with the audience.


The above statement reminds of the GENIE emerging from the LAMP which fulfills all his master’s wishes.

Here we positioned Fitness Point (client) as the Genie who was there to fulfill (improve) all the commands (suggestions) of the customers.

we made cutouts of GENIE & LAMP (feedback Box) along with A4 size posters, danglers and mailers to create an ambiance of ‘GENIE & LAMP’.



Client (Fitness Point) receive a very good response from the above campaign with significant feedbacks received. The cute GENIE campaign connected with the customers and lured them to write their suggestions.  Continue reading “How Gym Members take ownership of​ “New Avatar” ??”