Tricks or Treats?

Halloween came and went with the end of October. What remained in my mind is the parallel idea of “Trick or Treat” with the way advertising works. While Ogilvy never approved of dealing with companies whose products were not at all being what they claimed; in this day and age, is it easy for all advertising agencies to be choosers? Hardly…

Since BRIM’s foray in the advertising industry, I have come a long way to realize that we really can’t be choosers. To choose really good companies (selling genuine products) is like searching for needle from the haystack… I think I’m stretching it too far but then the point is very clear. Now, going back to the question, since we don’t have much choice what do we do?

We take up the nearest possible qualities of the products/services that we are dealing with and position them. Now positioning is also another trick. If we put the client’s brand near a well known competitor it is a big challenge. Emerging products/services cannot take that huge jump unless it has a strong product/service prototype which is thorough screened or tested. So what do we do? THINK. RESEARCH.

Based on the prevailing trends accompanying the target audience and their demographics, any design or advertising agency can come up with ingenious solutions to position their clients brands. While this really takes up a lot of efforts to think hard and research thoroughly, it is not actually easy, frankly speaking – but yes… it is possible to have solutions. These solutions, I call them ‘treats’; because it is something different for the customers and they get the benefits.

What about tricks? Stay away from tricks that won’t work. It might backfire. The recent example of ‘treating’ the customers felt like a ‘trick’ to them when the Flipkart’s Big Billion Day failed to deliver according the expectations of the customers. As long as you’re sure that the promotion or campaign is safe you can always have beautiful ideas and creatives coming up. However, if you have that gut feeling inside that the company says something and does something else (or does nothing) it is a red flag of warning! You take up that clients work at your risk!