The Space of your Calendar – Branding or Selling?

What’s in designing a calendar? “Not much”, would be your reply. But that’s where the mistake lies!

BRIM did a survey on calendars and the result of the survey will leave you astonished; but for us; well we had totally expected this. BRIM wanted to know whether people could identify with the calendars that were gifted to them and most of them gave a surprising reply in negative. The respondents who were asked questions were told to give their opinion about the following aspects of the calendars:

  • The visuals that were used
  • Photographs of industries and their products
  • Focus on the dates and the months


The verdict was:

  • There were too many visuals and most didn’t make any sense whatsoever
  • Calendars with photographs of Product, Models or the infrastructure image had no meaning or context
  • With too many graphics the months/dates were relegated to a small corner of the whole page

In conclusion, who wants a calendar showing water pumps or pipes or any other product image? And why should your customers put it on the walls of their homes or offices? This means that the calendars presented to the public were meaningless and didn’t connect to them. Interestingly, some of the respondents also laughingly commented that if they displayed all the calendars they got; their homes/offices would look like brand factory!


69% of the spaces in the calendars have visuals and rest of the space is allocated for dates and time. When tons of money is spent on designing and printing these kinds of calendars-  with the resultant negative feedback –  where are the companies going wrong?

The wrong thing is that the companies are trying to sell the calendars! They’re trying to buy public attention by gifting those calendars as part of their branding. But they fail to realize a singular truth. You can’t sell calendars in the same way as you can’t sell time and date. It is a universal property and at the disposal of people.

The purpose of the calendar is to “remind” and to “converse that reminder” with people. It should enable people to remember what they need to do. Companies are totally mixing up their branding and selling concepts here!

BRIM Team has therefore made their calendar truly designed to the purpose it should serve and the lesser known fact is that they’ve been truly validating this purpose since past 5 years.


BRIM’s calendar has all the necessary elements that speak of subtle niceties:

  • Clear dates in view
  • Minimally superimposed design on important dates
  • Neat and clean layout
  • 98% Advertisement free

Real Calendar

Real Calendar2

For BRIM, the purpose of our communication in calendar is about minimalism creativity, direct and clear communication and most importantly, create a brand positioning on the customer’s desktop without selling!