What makes fashion brands tick?


BRIM (http://brim.co.in/) as a brand advisor is doing an awareness campaign for brands/organizations to do a check on their advertising and branding practices. Here is a run down on practices that fashion brands/e-comm companies must avoid.

Your customers may not know what quality product you are using and no matter how much you talking about quality – they will never trust you. Not until you accept them as intelligent customers. No, customers are not just kings. They’re intelligent and loyal too and you need to attract them towards your brand with this quality.

  1. Don’t exaggerate. Show whatever you’ve got. Customers value your honest integrity more than outlandish pictures with inhumanely exaggerated heights. This will immediately cross you out first on the trust factor.
  2. Customers relate to your brand through logo and not through images. Make your brand logo prominent and relatable
  3. The background plays an essential role in building up the front image. A clear and relevant background is like a story building up the image of the advertisement
  4. Relate the image with a quote. This acts as a connector between the image and the brand
  5. Crisp and clear text with contact details must be so positioned so as to lead to an actionable outcome.

To achieve all these; a creative agency that invests into research and experience can do wonders to your brand.