It is the age of start-ups and entrepreneurs and those who cannot keep up to the change can’t breathe.  It therefore becomes all the more important to ensure that you are able to break even in spite of the budgetary hiccups in the initial days. I will hint at a few ideas to make your venture public. You can pick and choose these ideas based on the venture’s focus and apply them as you deem fit.

  1. Show & Tell:

Show your venture to all people who are around you ie. Friends and family. The trickling of publicity from immediate sources can lead to interest from people around you who might become your potential clients.

  1. See & Try out:

Rope in your family and friends to try out your products/services. This gives you feedback which can help you a lot before you roll out the same products/services in the marketplace.

  1. Teasers/Campaign on FB:

Try engaging your initial fans on Facebook with teasers/campaign that allows you to check out how well the marketing stuff works. Though this also gives you the feedback for your products/services it actually tests your marketing fundas.

  1. Guerrilla marketing tactics:

Guerrilla marketing tactics are offbeat tactics to gain attention of the customers. The best part is that these tactics are comparatively quite cheap. These tactics deviate from the traditional modes of marketing and are mostly seen in the OHM media and environmental graphics like road signs, way finding methods, graffiti, etc.

  1. Hosting events or class:

Hosting events or class need not be a huge expenditure driven affair. With a minimal entry fee or with collaboration with café/restaurant owners, one can boost such events to good outreach.

  1. Innovative business cards:

No matter how well you are connected on social media, your business card still carries the weight of your impressions. Make your business cards really innovative (it again doesn’t have to be hiked in price)

  1. Partnership/collaboration:

Announce your partnership/collaboration with other ventures/start-ups. This works well for the publicity of both and can lead to better engagement through combined efforts.

  1. Appeal to online business awards:

There are some online business awards that can be got through a minimal payment. These badges you can proudly show on your website to give your site a good boost. Awards add value to your good work and you can definitely take this up. Google  ‘online business awards India’ and choose your site.

  1. Customer referrals:

Solicit customer feedback and post them on your website/social media pages. This adds credibility to your venture and your target audience would like to trust your products/services on reading the testimonial/reviews. Once this is done, encourage your existing customers to refer your products/services to others. Give them tokens of appreciation for referrals that lead to new customers joining in.

  1. Online contests, promotions and Merchandise:

Contests and Promotions are exciting ways to draw in new customers. It also gives the existing customers a chance to reinforce their brand loyalty towards your venture. Create innovative merchandise that’s totally in sync with your brand. In this case, you have to work out on the merchandise, prizes and giveaways that connect to your brand positioning and yet is pocket friendly for you.

  1. Content recycling:

In the age of short attention span, keep recycling/repackaging your old content and repost it in a new manner. Be careful to not to repost the same content but make it better and more tuned into your present situation.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Info graphics:

Create an info graphic related to the industry you are involved in. This gives your customers the idea of how ‘serious’ you are about what you are doing. Having a venture and starting out young has its impact on the mindset of the people as to “Can such young ventures be trusted?” and with info graphics, they get an answer to their question. Ensure that the info graphic is something they would like to read and isn’t heavy with confusing data.

  1. Become a social networking wizard:

No matter how much we look forward to having a social media marketing expert, be a wizard yourself. This allows you to be personally involved in the marketing process giving you ample opportunities to judge the market scenario.  It has also been proved with research that ventures which had founders/CEOs personally involved in the social network marketing tend to gain more trust of the customers than those who left the job to the social media staff.

  1. Post Great Content:

One of the hallmarks of marketing offline or online is –Great Content. When you have good content as your backbone your venture’s visibility is assured. This also allows for better customer engagement and you’ll love connecting to them.

  1. Videos that will go viral:

Videos are another good way to enhance your venture’s visibility. Involve your team in helping you make a great video. It doesn’t have to be done professionally and much of headache if you check out the tutorials online of how this can be done with focus on theme, content and clear communication devices. The more evocative and crisp your content is – the better chances of it going viral.

I believe that these 15 ways of building up publicity for your venture can help you ride the wave of visibility and brand promotion. It isn’t easy to get all these things rolling but I know from my experience it really doesn’t have to be expensive or impossible. Go ahead ride the waves!