Magnetic Hammer – Internal and External Branding

Lots of mojo and presto! A brand is created! Is that how you think your company brand will work? Let me give you a hint – The new age brand gurus say something about attracting and driving hard a point. Today, the best branding is the one which is driven towards the company and which the company drives itself towards the customers. To put it simply, how did TATAs create a brand? By internalizing ie. by creating brand that matches their internal environment and values. Tata is synonymous with Trust. So their branding is simple and very honest. Their advertising … Continue reading Magnetic Hammer – Internal and External Branding

The Good, Bad and Ugly

The world of design (advertising… to be precise) is intriguing as well as branded a devil too. As consumers, we hardly trust it but as professionals we want to work in an ad agency. This juxtaposition of sorts is really funny but can we help it? Why did this kind of approach-avoidance feelings arise? Frankly, this has to do more with the manufacturing world and the industrial revolution rather than the advertising world. Before the industrial revolution began; all that the man needed was made by hands and controlled by family business. Nowadays, the products are made by machines and … Continue reading The Good, Bad and Ugly

Catch me if you can! – Memoir of Madness this Festive Season

“We’ve always known that you’ll do something crazy at this time of year” – Resonating thoughts of the retailers and sellers (even the road side peddler) few days ahead of Diwali. While the whole year, Indians exercise their bargaining powers to the fullest, using their logical brains to weigh the pros and cons before buying anything; it is during the Diwali season that they give their super bargaining powers some rest pause. Festival is the time to get all mushy, sentimental and emotional about the way we enjoy our festive days with the religious, cultural and holiday components thrown in. While … Continue reading Catch me if you can! – Memoir of Madness this Festive Season